Monday, May 14, 2007

Felt Scarf

Last weekend, I went to a beginning felting class at Deep Color studio in Kensington.

I had tried felting once before. Last Christmas, I decided that I wanted to felt a tree skirt. We were really into a hobbit themed Christmas tree. We made sparkly mushrooms and gnome houses out of pine cones. Pretty cute really. The tree skirt was supposed to take the tree one step further. I think I was caught in some romantic childhood memory of Minnesota's autumn ground covered by the first winter snow. Oh, how nordic. We designed the tree skirt to be like the forest floor -- greens and browns -- overlayed with purple felt leaves. Over this layer, we planned to applique pieces of cream felt that would resemble snow. Then, we were going to accent with sequins and beads, hoping to create a winter wonderland... did I happen to mention that we came up with this idea about 2 weeks before Christmas? I rushed out, bought a "how to felt" book, a bunch of colorful Corredale, and a bar of olive soap. We made a decent go at it. We were able to complete half of the forest floor but it looked kind of sad. Needless to say, we never completed the tree skirt. We ended up using a white sheet.

When Claudia, my felting and spinning teacher, called on Friday to offer me a space in her beginning felting class, I excitedly confirmed looking forward to repairing my broken relationship with felt.

First, we practiced basic felting skills. Learning how to layer, how to apply warm water and soap, and how to slowly build up pressure.

Then, we really got going and made a scarf. I have been trying to exercise bravery when it comes to color so I chose this bright blue color. Here, are the results.

Now, I just need to keep repressing the idea to make a 5 x 7 felted area rug.

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cool! perhaps when i see you next (july!!) we can try this: