Thursday, May 31, 2007

Articulate Scientists and Ancient Systems: 2 articles in the NYT I found interesting

Two things I love in life:

1. An articulate Scientist: a Scientist that can write an article about science that makes sense to a non-science person (like myself) is a miracle worker. I really do wish that I could understand the periodic table. No, maybe its more that I wish I _wanted_ to learn what the periodic table really means through science experiments. But, I don't. So, I depend on you articulate scientists to give me the low down. So if you feel that it has been some time since you have had a little Mr. Wizard, click on the above link to read about nitrogen and why we unknowingly crave the smell of fertalizer...?

2. Oh ancient systems. . . the root for my love of textiles. They reek of humans long long ago drawing rules, systems, and boundaries. From textiles, I can see humans mapping out there thinking process. However, this article is not about textiles it is about food. Specifically, dabbawallas in India. Let's backup for a minute. In India, many people still value and want homecooking even when they are at the office. We are not talking leftovers. We are talking about new, yummy, fresh cooked meals. A dabbawallah is a man, not figuratively speaking, really a man, that goes and picks up the food from the wife/ woman of the house, pedals it across town, and delivers it to the working man. Oh, me too! Can someone go to Illinois and pick up a meal from my Grandma and bring it 2000 miles to me? Anyway, I love to observe how India deals with change and their age old systems, habits, and duties.

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Stefaneener said...

Hi, K. Did you read the article a few months ago in the SF Chronicle about how people (usually newish immigrants) in the South Bay are doing this as businesses? Very cool -- I wish they were here.